Full-Stack &
Fully Autonomous

Scythe excels in challenging, unstructured environments.

Scythe Sight

Robots with a pixel level understanding of the world
Semantic Segmentation* Real Robot Data
Original Image
Segmentation Legend
  • Human
  • Grass
  • Tree & Bush
  • Vehicle
Scythe Mower

Intelligent 360° Coverage

Automotive grade sensors to handle any condition

  • 8x HDR Cameras

  • 2x IMU

  • GNSS

  • 12x Ultrasonic Sensors

Terrain Aware
Planning and Control

Scythe Autonomy combines robust 360° perception with advanced trajectory optimization to navigate smoothly through complex off-road environments.

Dynamics aware control avoids damaging sensitive turf and keeps the robot progressing quickly through its work.

3D Mapping, Planning, and Control.