The Future of Mowing.

The Future of Mowing




  • Deck
    52” tri-blade rear-discharge
  • Traction
    20x12" tires & flat-free casters
  • Deck Power
  • Drive Power
  • Cut Height
    1.5 - 6”
  • Top Speed
    10 MPH
  • Connectivity
    2x LTE + WiFi
  • Weight
    1,100 lbs

Scythe Cuts

Stripes Like an Expert

Mows like a pro. Scythe follows contours, tackles slopes, and automatically adjusts cut patterns to keep grass healthy and looking great.

Lets Your Crew Do More

Your team can spend their valuable time keeping properties looking their best while the robot handles the mowing.

A Perfect Cut, Every Time

Mowing speeds react to grass thickness instantly, preventing and clearing clogs without missing a blade of grass.

Scythe Cuts.
Scythe Safely Avoids Humans, and Obstacles.

Scythe Safety

Scythe mowers see and think in every direction

  • Redundant 360° sensors ensure nothing gets missed
  • Rear-discharge deck prevents property damage from projectiles
  • Advanced AI detects obstacles to get every job done safely

We’re building the safest mower ever.

Power To Do More

Emissions-free electric power that keeps you moving

All Day Battery

Forget about fueling. Charge overnight, run all day.

20dB Noise Reduction

Mow on your schedule. Start earlier and finish later without noise complaints.

Save Big

No fuel and limited maintenance reduce costs by thousands for every mower.

Exploded view diagram of the Scythe mower.
Designed from the ground up.

Zero Downtime. Guaranteed.

No belts, no pulleys, no oil, no filters, no hydraulics.
Scythe just works.

Other mowers are designed for 5,000 mowing hours.
We’re chasing 50,000.