The Future of Mowing.
About Scythe

Our Mission

To provide the most advanced and sustainable autonomous technology for maintaining off-road environments safely, effectively, and responsibly.

At scythe, we love the great outdoors.
Scythe's Founders, With a Scythe Mower

Scythe Founders

Working at Scythe

Why Scythe?

Scythe is a well-capitalized early-stage startup, designing practical robots from a clean slate.

Come have a huge impact alongside an awesome team of experts shipping something the world has never seen before and changing how we care for our planet.

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Company and Culture

  • We have an opportunity to have an incredible positive impact on the world by building machines that make a difference every time they run.
  • We prize our highly collaborative learning culture where personal freedom, growth, and responsibility are valued.
  • We're headquartered just outside beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We get to enjoy the bounties of nature and open spaces close to home with mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and more.
  • Our satellite offices in Austin, Texas and Vero Beach, Florida help keep our bots in the field every day of the week and live the best of those areas, from BBQ to beautiful beaches.


  • Competitive salary and equity compensation so everyone at Scythe benefits from our growth.
  • Fully-sponsored medical, vision, and dental insurance, including 75% funded dependent coverage, to keep everyone covered.
  • Flexible (and encouraged!) paid time-off policies to make sure everyone gets the relaxation to do their best work, plus most positions can accommodate remote or work-from-home whenever it makes sense for you.

Join Scythe!

Work with us to enable humanity to care for Earth on a massive scale by building reliable, emissions-free, intelligent robots.