Upgrade your fleet,
Level-up your business.

Get more done with Scythe's all-new M.52. The industry's most advanced autonomous commercial mower.

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Expand your crews' coverage with autonomous machines. Do more with the team you've already got.


A Cut Above The Rest

Multiply Your Workforce

Scythe’s state-of-the-art autonomous machines handle the mowing while your team works hard to keep your properties looking their best.

Smell Grass, Not Gas

Leave the noise and gas fumes behind. With all day battery life and high torque electric motors, Scythe gives you power without pollution.

Smell Grass, Not Gas.

Our industry leading partners include:

A New Era

Equipment that works with you to grow your business.

Misaligned Incentives

Dealers and manufacturers profit when machines break, not when they work. The unsurprising result: machines that don’t last.

Guaranteed Reliability

Autonomous machines that only bill when they’re working. Scythe wins when its customers grow, not when they suffer.

Do More With Scythe

Emissions-free machines that multiply your team's ability to care for the outdoors.

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